The editor of Home Accents Today choose a beautiful shot from Melea’s section of Bradburn’s Steele Building Showroom at High Point this year!

Here is what Bradburn Gallery had to say:

“We are proud to announce we grace the cover of Home Accents Today national issue bearing the headline, “Best of Market* 2016 Retail Stars”. The editor used a stunning shot from inside the Melea Markell section of our Steele Building Showroom.

Find more on Bradburn via page 95 wherein we post six of our top sellers from the April show. The page gives a shout out to Libby Langdon and Barclay Butera as well.

In the words of editor, Jenny Heinzen York, “Every May, this magazine celebrates the best in independent retail, with a list of 50 stellar stores that are taking on the challenges of retailing with a combination of clever entrepreneurship, innovation, merchandising, customer service, marketing and community involvement.” You can find that feature starting on page 35. 


Designers Libby Langdon, Barcaly Butera and Melea Markell we are proud of your efforts and appreciate your pushing the unique products that resulted in our being selected for the “Best of Market” issue…”

Featured Products: