Melea Markell | High Point 2016 – Parisian Elegance
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High Point 2016 – Parisian Elegance

13 Apr High Point 2016 – Parisian Elegance

Come see Melea’s Best Sellers and more at High Point this year on April 16-20!

Showroom Hours:
Saturday – Tuesday 8 am – 7 pm
Wednesday 8 am – 5 pm

The Steele Building
200 Steele Street  |  First Floor  |  Space 134



A Message from the Bradburns:

Simple elegance and casual confidence is the framework for Melea Markell’s Parisian Collection. We take a casual cream Bombay chest and infuse it with the confidence of gold leafing. We take simple vase bodies and adorn them with elegant gold leaf painted roses. We love this look because it works so well in both the grandest of rooms or the most intimate space.

Simple and elegant…casual and confident….It is our privelege to share our Parisian Elegance Collection crafted by designer Melea Markell and bought to life by Bradburn Gallery Home.

Bruce & Fran Bradburn



Here are a few pieces you will see in Melea’s space.

Pale Pink Bird Panels – Start with an elegant hand painted pheasant scene and impart it with a casual rose background and tie everything together with an ornate gold leaf frame. See more details >



April Rose Bleu Lamp – Next is a simple ceramic bottle vase with a brush stroke finish with an elegant hand folded rose garland. The base and roses are confidently finished with gold leaf paint and a casual silk cream shade completes the look. See more details > 




Cream & Gold Console – Starting with the classic Bombay chest carcass and painted in a casual cream that confidently contrast the styles with gold leaf drawers, and the whole look is completed with elegant gold drawer pulls, decorative key holes, and floral scroll appliqué. Melea’s style is simply perfect. See more details >